You’re in Transition and Not in Trouble: Turning Barriers into Opportune Doors!

You’re in transition and not in trouble! Seeming obstacles if approached differently may provide stimulation to pursue a set of options (long awaiting  discovery). What’s bothering you lately?

“Our actions may be impeded . . . but there can be no impeding our intentions or dispositions. Because we can accommodate and adapt as humans. Our mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting.”-Marcus Aurelius (paraphrased)

What do you see? Doors which could open to a better life or barriers which forever deny you access to opportunities?

As humans, our advantage is that we can perceive (see within) and also observe our surroundings (see without). This quality differentiates us from animals which only have the ability to observe their external environment. What does all of this mean? It means that you can make choices and decisions and not allow the way things appear to dictate how you react or feel. Two people can look at the same thing and perceive it differently. One sees a cup half full but the other sees a cup half empty. Which seer are you? At least I see from the half full perspective in most cases so you can tag me as an optimist. It is optimism that drives me forward in life. That is my fuel.

Is Trouble Trouble? Or an Opportunity in Disguise? 

If you remember my analogy with the doors in the featured picture I am sure you already get the idea of how powerful your perception is. It is all about how you choose to see a situation and interpret it. What do you see when you look at those doors? One person sees a door that’s shut, another sees a door which can be opened. If you are able to train yourself to see the other side of things in relation to other things, you will eventually become very calm and steady. The quality of serenity as Allan James puts it in his all time classic “As a Man Thinketh” is what you will have achieved. Serenity of mind puts you at ease and in charge to think clearly and maneuver through difficult times.

The Value of Your Imagination

“See the invisible, do the impossible” is a common saying which you may have probably heard a million times but what does this really mean? For me it means that whatever I can freely imagine I can also achieve. Imagination is the mental ability to figure out creative solutions to problems. With your mind you can imagine a new life, a new experience at work or even a new set of grades in school. With your imagination you can envision yourself achieving your business goals or family obligations and then take action. For example, I see myself as an eagle in business. It is true. How do you see yourself at work, in class or even in your own family? Take your time, relax and put your imagination to work, now. Write down what you saw and keep reviewing it.

According to many deep thinkers, worry is the misuse of the mind and the opposite of faith. It is the proponent of fear and the abuse of your imagination. This means that we can always choose either to worry or imagine the best possible outcomes for our lives and live them. It is free!

The Will to Become Successful 

There are two questions you must sincerely ask and answer about your life’s goals.

  1. Am I able? In other words, this is to ask if you believe you can do it. Know that you have so much potential to accomplish any goal. For you all things are possible.
  2. Am I willing? In other words, this is to ask if you are willing to put in the necessary sweat, time, or discipline, to take the ridicule, etc., to achieve that goal. A yes to this question will energize your resolve to pursue your goals and achieve them.
  3. If your answer to the two questions are “yes” then you are all set to do some great things. Because the motivation to push hard in the face of seeming obstacles will be present with you. Just say yes to all your goals.

The human will is one of the six faculties of the mind which if understood and used properly can spur your success and progress in life. Anyone with a strong will to succeed is empowered to surmount any reasonable or unreasonable barrier. The man who faints easily at the least resistance cannot win and is therefore weak. He must train his mind in perseverance in order to win.

After a while, what was once a barrier will become the door to your breakthrough just because you chose a different attitude or a way of looking at it. And like David the Psalmist of the Bible you would also say “it was good that I was afflicted,” ah, thank God for favor in the midst of the storms. Don’t get me wrong, you can also choose to get stuck thinking about how difficult things are and get depressed with little will do something. So choose how you will think about things today.

The idea that nothing is either good or bad but takes on the identity of what we call it seems appropriate for this discussion but I will save this for a later blog post.

Therefore perceive rightly beyond observable facts because there’s always more to a story than what it appears to be. Put your imagination to work in finding creative solutions- think outside the cubicle. Deploy your will which is your greatest asset for transitioning from an unwanted life experience to living your dreams of bliss.

(Why not add to the above realizations fervent prayers; because prayer they say changes things, amen.)

Listen to me discuss this article below.


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