Mastering Your Thoughts: 1 Lesson from My Father that Could Change Your Life

Ah-hah Moments- Turn Light Bulbs On in Your Mind

Henry Van Dyke wrote a beautiful poem about the creative power of our thoughts that I will share below. But before I share it I would like to comment by saying that you have always been in charge of your destiny. How? Through the way you think you have determined thought by thought (whether consciously or unconsciously) the circumstances of your life- be they good or bad. Whether in the past, present or even the future your thoughts will continue to shape your life.

The problem is that many lost mastery over the process of consciously taking change of their own lives. In addition, not too many people are taking personal responsibility for the outcome of their lives either. They have instead left a lot to chance.

Fortunately for me, I became very conscious about some of these ideas very early in life– in fact soon after secondary school, around the year 2001. This was partly because one, my father (Simmons Essegbey) is a reader and philosopher, and two, because I am a very curious soul. I ask a lot of questions. By asking questions, reading, and thinking, over time, I became aware of my potential and especially how thoughts help to create things around us. One of the early books which I read from my Dad’s collection is “The Master Key” a book written by Charles Haanels. This book taught me a lot about positive self talk (Autosuggestion) and how to maintain an assertive mental attitude in life. There were other lessons but these two stood out for me.

I think that in order to create beautiful things in life, you must regain mastery over your thoughts, and once you achieve this it will also help you to regain your personal leadership. By regaining your personal leadership, you will have the courage to determine the circumstances of your life and positively influence your neighbor. I want you to wake up to this call. To think purposefully!

From Henry Van Dyke’s poem “Thoughts are things,” we can learn more about this great idea which Charlse Haanel also taught about in his book:

I hold it true that thoughts are things; They’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings: And that we send them forth to fill the world with good results, or ill (pain).
That which we call our secret thought Speeds forth to earth’s remotest spot, Leaving its blessings or its woes
Like tracks behind it as it goes.
We build our future, thought by thought,
For good or ill, yet know it not.
Yet so the universe was wrought.
Thought is another name for fate (or destiny);
Choose then thy destiny and wait (almost stalking it patiently with persistent orderly thinking),
For love brings love and hate brings hate (that is to say, like attracts like).

Henry Van Dyke (My emphasis added in italics)

As you can see, Henry’s poem says it all. Just take a few moments to reflect, reflect on what he is saying. It is important to remember that you are in CHARGE no matter the challenges you are facing today. You can take a beautiful goal and press it on your mind until you start getting the mood of accomplishment and the feeling of relief. It is mostly by this way that one assumes the motivation and willingness to act decisively, therefore changing their circumstances.

You see! Become open to possibilities. Feed your mind with great ideas, words, conversations about yourself to yourself and others in secret and without. Repeat it all the time. Look around and you will find that there are plenty of success stories to explain this idea which I am sharing with you. Hence, make a decision now to become very intentional in the way you think, see with your imagination, speak, and act. For all of these together help to shape your circumstances– the things which your thoughts are always creating around you. Let’s go!

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