Goals: Table Tennis? 6 Simple Ways to Keep Fit in 2018?


Table tennis can make you sweat and elevate your heart rate. It will also improve your moods, helping you to attract good things.

So how did your “2017 Bodily Fitness Goal” come along? Uhm, the birds whispered to me that you made plans. I know. Myself, I also slacked a little bit with my fitness goals but eventually got back to going to the gym and working out.

It is sad to see how some of our peers are shockingly transitioning (i.e. going under the earth, never to return again) probably due to heart-cholesterol-sugar-sodium-little/no exercise related complications which are often times discovered too late to remedy.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day but many of us skip it. Dinner they say is perhaps the least important meal of the day but that is what most of us have more of and also late at night just before bed. But how can we change this life style? Think about it, soberly! Well, in light of this insight, I committed to resuming my fitness goal in August 2017 and have stuck to it and so I encourage you to do the same today. Reclaim your fitness and last longer to serve humanity with your gifts and talents.

So What is Fitness?

In most dictionaries fitness is defined as a physical condition of health and vigor. In other sources, we get the sense that it is the “quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.” In advanced definitions, it is a broad term which means different things to different people and can include mental and emotional wellbeing. Check out this article What is fitness? in which Adam Bullock a NASM Elite Trainer defines fitness the way I love it. See a quote from him below.

Fitness as a term is contextual. I would describe it as “being fit for taking on challenges set in front of you.” One should always be mentally fit and physically fit.

Being mentally fit is important for critical thinking in daily operations. Being physically fit is important so you are able to handle the physical challenges life puts in front of you, including but not limited to:

  • Walking up stairs
  • Moving house-hold items around
  • Playing with your children
  • Competing in sports
  • Being able to do anything in life that brings you pleasure

Here’s to your health and fun in life!!

– Adam Bullock

Here is my question to you, do you think you are fit? At least after considering the definitions I have given above? I know you may say, well, it depends. Just giving it a serious thought is fine for now.

What Could be our Next Steps?

Here are some of the few ideas I have incorporated into my life so far which could be of interest to you.

  1. I recommend getting regular annual check ups at the hospital as the first step. Physical examinations help to highlight any hidden bad conditions in our body or to confirm that we are okay. If you are not sure, get a second opinion.
  2. Arrange a gym and or yoga membership near where you live or work, more importantly where you live for convenience sake. For me visiting the gym three times a week to run and lift weights has helped to keep me in shape. I feel exhilarated and steady mentally and physically all the time. It has also helped to reduce my blood sugar and cholesterol which was due initially to a low exercise life style and the consumption of too much processed simple carbs.
  3. Focus on eating organic foods- mostly vegetables, fruits, and clean animal proteins. Too much processed foods which are also high in simple sugars may not be good for your health. Take time to cook at home and experiment cooking recipes like I do. There are tons of them online for free. Go here. Have you tried Yolele Foods before? Check out their recipes here.
  4.  A low carb diet is something worth researching and adopting into your life. Cauliflower could be a great replacement for white rice. Brown or any whole grains could be a better option to consider. Taste is acquired over time. So you not liking the new recipes initially is okay. Keep trying new recipes until you love their taste and aroma all for the sake of your health.
  5. Drink a lot clean water and freshly pressed fruits not the concentrated ones which may have excess sodium and sugar. Drink herbal tea instead of sodas.
  6. Do some research on the benefits of running. Read this article on the effects of how your thoughts impact your during physical exercises Factor Analysis of Cognitions during Running: Association with Mood Change” from the Human Kinetics Journal.
I also love running on the treadmill

Will you make the rest of 2018 count for your overall health? Why not visit your doctor- to do a fasting lipids/ blood sugar test today and start with 2 sets of 10 push ups, 2 sets of 10 sit ups, and about 25 minutes of jogging or running every other day (at least 3 times a week).

Yaasaah Agyakwa Afriyie is a super cool fitness coach in case you need one.  She will also teach you how to detox your body in a few weeks. Get some of her materials.

Start a sport like: biking, swimming, tennis (see my picture above) and wrestling or even kick boxing. Good luck on the wrestling. Let’s go!


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