Some 3 Ways To Work Your Goals

You have an open year, so write down what you really want to start with. 

Set Big hairy audacious goals which scare and excite you at the same time. It Doesn’t matter what happened this year, set new goals or revise those from a previous year you couldn’t achieve and use my 3 suggestions to work them. Talk to someone you can trust to discuss your goals or try a new approach this year. Don’t worry about how you will achieve the goals for now. If you believe in your goals enough, a way will be made for you to achieve them. But how can you believe in your goals? Review your goals everyday. As you do so, the picture will start becoming very clear to you. This is what will inspire you to do something.

Now let us dive into my 3 suggestions for working your goals this year.

  1. You can prioritize goals according to: fitness, finance, education, family, career/business, and immigration, etc. Write them clearly in simple present tense, add dates, and timelines. It’s not entirely wise to start the new year without an idea of what you want to accomplish. A goalless year is like flying a plane in the air without a GPS; you get what I mean? During difficult times, reviewing your goals (mentally and verbally) with a strong desire to achieve them no matter what will toughen you up to persevere.
  2. What moves you to action is your passionate belief in your goals. Action is based on one small idea at a time. How? Before you go to bed at night, write down activities you need to undertake the following day and wake up in the morning with the drive to go out there and do something. Try it. It works. It is a secret.
  3. Affirm that you have already realized your goals. See yourself living the dream in your imagination while you undertake the activities in item #2. As you say it and do what you say you become it. Remember that what you say is what you get.
  4. Pray to God for help as if it all depends on prayer. He’ll show you what to do. God guided actions are the best. Try it, now.

So why not take a pen and a paper and write down your goals! Pray and emotionally review them daily with the aim of figuring out activities you need to do now in order to achieve them. Do immediately what needs to be done! Get into the habit of using positive affirmations or what we call positive self talk to fuel your passion. And, don’t stop. That is what we call progress, you see!

“If you want to achieve Excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less than Excellent work. The first 99.9% of getting from here to there is the determination to do it and not to compromise, no matter what set of road blocks those around you erect.”

– Tom Peters

Good luck and God speed to you! Happy productive new year to you.

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